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October, 2018

September, 2018

  • 26 September

    Salvation Boulevard (2011) BluRay 480p & 720p

    Set in the world of mega-churches in which a former Deadhead-turned-born again-Christian finds himself on the run from fundamentalist members of his mega-church who will do anything to protect their larger-than-life pastor.

  • 23 September

    The Deep Blue Sea (2011) BluRay 480p & 720p

    The wife of a British Judge is caught in a self-destructive love affair with a Royal Air Force pilot.

  • 23 September

    Seconds Apart (2011) BluRay 480p & 720p

    Seth and Jonah are twins with a dangerous ability: telepathy. Things start to spiral out of their control as their classmates end up dying in twisted and bizarre ways.

  • 23 September

    Retreat (2011) BluRay 480p & 720p

    Kate and Martin escape from personal tragedy to an Island Retreat. Cut off from the outside world, their attempts to recover are shattered when a Man is washed ashore, with news of airborne killer disease that is sweeping through Europe.

  • 21 September

    Panic Button (2011) BluRay 480p & 720p

    Jo, Max, Gwen and Dave win the competition.Then they head off on an all expenses paid trip to New York, courtesy of the social network.

  • 19 September

    Sleep Tight (2011) BluRay 480p & 720p

    You wake day after day to the comfort and security of your home. But how safe is it really?

  • 17 September

    Knockout (2011) BluRay 480p & 720p

    A retired boxer tries to help a new student, Matthew Miller, who is being targeted by bullies. While learning to box and stand up to his tormentors the young boxer must learn to overcome his tumultuous past.

  • 16 September

    Thor: Tales of Asgard (2011) BluRay 480p & 720p

    The young Norse god Thor embarks on a quest with his brother Loki to find and recover a legendary sword.

  • 14 September

    Paul (2011) BluRay 480p & 720p

    Two English comic book geeks traveling across the U.S. encounter an alien outside Area 51.

  • 13 September

    Husk (2011) BluRay 480p & 720p

    A group of friends stranded near a desolate cornfield find shelter in an old farmhouse, though they soon discover the dwelling is the center of a supernatural ritual.

  • 12 September

    Deadheads (2011) BluRay 480p & 720p

    Two inexplicably coherent zombies awake amidst a zombie attack, and decide to take a road trip to find the one's lost love, unaware they are being chased by the agents of a ruthless company with its own agenda.