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July, 2018

  • 7 July

    Candyman (1992) BluRay 480p & 720p

    The Candyman, a murderous soul with a hook for a hand, is accidentally summoned to reality by a skeptic grad student researching the monster's myth.

  • 4 July

    Mission of Justice (1992) BluRay 480p & 720p

    "Law and order" mayorial candidate Brigitte Nielsen is the ruthless and racist leader of a secret neo-fascist group out to take control of the city by whatever means necessary.

  • 2 July

    Toys (1992) WEB-HD 480p & 720p

    When a military general inherits a toy making company and begins making war toys, his employees band together to stop him before he ruins the name of Zevo Toys forever.

June, 2018

  • 29 June

    Dr. Giggles (1992) BluRay 480p & 720p

    A madman who believes he's a doctor comes to the town where his crazy father was killed, and soon begins murdering people and becoming infatuated with a teenage girl who has a heart condition.

  • 9 June

    Jennifer 8 (1992) BluRay 480p & 720p

    A big-city cop from L.A. moves to a small-town police force and immediately finds himself investigating a murder.

  • 4 June

    3 Ninjas (1992) WEB-HD 480p & 720p

    Each year, three brothers, Samuel, Jeffrey and Michael Douglas visit their grandfather, Mori Tanaka, for the summer.

May, 2018

April, 2018

March, 2018

February, 2018

  • 27 February

    Captain Ron (1992) WEB-HD 480p & 720p

    A family in Chicago inherits the yacht formerly owned by Clark Gable. They decide to sail it from the island of Ste. Pomme de Terre to Miami, and they sail with the assistance of Captain Ron and their lives will never be the same again.

  • 26 February

    Kuffs (1992) WEB-HD 480p & 720p

    George Kuffs didn't finish high-school, just lost his job and his girlfriend who still is in college is pregnant. Since he can't see how he can support her, he thinks she is better off without him.