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Life of Pi (2012) UHD BluRay HDR 1440p

Life of Pi (2012)

127 min|Adventure, Drama, Fantasy|21 Nov 2012
7.9Rating: 7.9 / 10 from 546,565 usersMetascore: 79
A young man who survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor: a fearsome Bengal tiger.

File ...........: .mkv
Source .........: 2160p UHD BluRay REMUX HDR HEVC DTS-HD MA 7.1-NOGROUP
Video ..........: HEVC 10-bit HDR BT.2020 | 2560x1384 2 359 kb/s
Audio ..........: 6CH AC-3 448 Kbps English
Runtime ........: 2h 07mn
Subtitles ......: English Softcoded
Chapter ........: Chapters
Subscene Link ..: Indonesian, English
Trailer ........: Watch  
Note ...........: This is HDR release. Only play with HDR-supported devices.

Screenshots (in SDR)

Screenshots (in SDR)

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BluRay 1440p (2k) x265 HDR 10-bit HEVC DD5.1 2.50 GB


  1. BayHarborButcher

    this release was made for experimental purpose

    • DEMI APA! ?????
      THANKS PAHE ????
      #WeLoveUPAHETeam Great success

    • Mau komen “ini cuma buat eksperimen atau bakal rutin rilis?” ternyata udah kejawab :v

    • Nameless Warrior

      I got to say this. You ARE THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS PAHE. THE BEST, NO LESS. Make more experiments like this . I need one information – I have iPad pro which is HDR capable but I want to play it on my Asus Gaming Laptop. It has 4GB GTX1650 Nvidia graphics card . Will it be able to play? How can I know?

    • Betul2 experimental ni gan hahaha. Biasanya HDR 10bit HEVC pake resolusi 2160p. Ini pake 1440p hahaha. Adakah ini dengan intention sebab filem ini dimaster dengan resolusi 2K? Sebab bluray 1080p FHD vs 4K UHD (2K upscaled) bila di zoom 400% gak ada beza sharpness antara kedua-duanya. https://youtu.be/3KJKWzvhPXc

    • @Nameless warrior: use media player such as MPC-BE/MPC-HC/PotPlayer/KMPlayer + MadVR setup.

      Download MadVR: http://madshi.net/madVR.zip

      Guide MadVR: https://wiki.mikejung.biz/MadVR

    • @Nameless Warrior: yeah, use MadVR with your fav player. That renderer will take advantage gracefully of your GPU processing power.

    • I hope that you will continue to make your normal encode/releases. Personally I watch all films and series on my tv and that can’t play this kind of encode. And I don’t want to start watching the films and series on my computer.

    • BayHarborButcher

      @Nameless Warrior I strongly suggest you to use ipad pro with native HDR support instead of madvr filter, with OLED display you will get more advantage more than your laptop

      @Vicky don’t worry I’m just playing with setting for this. I will always prioritize Normal encodes

    • What on Earth people recommended to use MADVR to enjoy HDR content! I only know people recommended to use MADVR to enjoy good anime in SDR 8bit. Few years back I use MADVR alongside with cinema-grade projectors (never use it with crap monitor). While HDR content is meant to be for HDR panel. Never use MADVR for HDR — it’s just resource wastage. Trust the guy above me. Just admit that you are really KERE sebab tak mampu miliki even sebuah HDR capable monitor.

    • Yeah, madvr is a powerful video renderer. It uses your GPU to perform resolution upscaling, chroma upscaling, and all kinds of other video enhancements that can significantly improve video quality. You are really humiliating it if you are using it only to watch HDR content. Just download the regular encode if you don’t have the HDR monitor.

  2. Wow big thanks………

  3. MIN gua boleh sebarkan gak min. Ini salah satu terobosan terbesar PAHETeam. Bakalan bisa success besar min apalagi viewers PAHE jauh lebih banyak ketimbang SEBELAH. Maaf dulu aku memaki-maki dan sekarang gak akan itu terjadi. MAAF INTINYA, siap

  4. upload Netflix Final Space please . . .

  5. I got to say this. You ARE THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS PAHE. THE BEST, NO LESS. Make more experiments like this . I need one information – I have iPad pro which is HDR capable but I want to play it on my Asus Gaming Laptop. It has 4GB GTX1650 Nvidia graphics card . Will it be able to play? How can I know? @BoyHarborButcher

  6. PUNYA LAPTOP ROG 14″ i7 Skylake gak sia2, karena bisa play banyak film 10bit. Tigole, Qman, UTR, QXR, PSA, z97, xxxpav69, MKVcage, Tombdoc bakalan tersaingi nih. Tapi saya tetep pilih PAHE sebagai alternatif pilihan film 10bit dengan sumber Remux. Respect PAHE ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔

  7. ohh noooo i dont want hdr, i only want uhd bcoz my laptop not support hdr.plis make it uhd pahe…..

    • Lebih baik penyebutan nya 1080p source UHD,pasal nya uhd dari source 2160 (4K) jauh lebih, ini source uhd tapi di encok ke 1440 (2K)

  8. Wooooohhooooooo!!!

  9. Use mpc-be + madvr setup. 10bit HEVC HDR is the future man.

  10. In case you don’t have a HDR capable panel/monitor.

  11. Waduh kok layar laptop ku jadi error min gak bisa gerak !!! tolong solusinya min rusak laptop ku !
    Buat orang indo ane saranin jangan download ini video gak cocok dengan gaya hidup orang indo, bangku sekolah aja masih rebutan gaya2an nonton 2k dijamin laptop rusak.

  12. I love this release. Thank you so very much…!

    More 1440P 10Bit HDR x265 HEVC DD 5.1, please..

  13. IYA MIN UPLOUD SERING VIDEO 10BIT, kalau bisa 1080p aja gpp gausah yang 1440p atau 2160p

  14. x264 (2gb)
    x265 (2gb)

    Ambil aja format x264 min, soalnya kebanyakan laptop masih belum support format x265 dan kualitasnya juga sama (ambil jalan tengah) ??

  15. gokil gokil gokil

  16. dear pahe, please also release the sample for testing the hdr capability.we dont want waste quota over an unplayable video.thanks

  17. please release life of pi 1080p uhd also min

  18. min
    intel inside gua teriak min

  19. Thank you but if you are releasing in 10 bit then please try for 2160p itself.

  20. Jangan lupa Gan @BayHarborButcher rilis ini ke dalam versi 1080p 10bit Avengers.Endgame.2019.1080p.Blu-ray.Remux.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.TrueHD.7.1.Atmos-FGT [46.4 GB]

  21. hebat ih Pahe, pengen download soalnya ini salah satu film favorit, tapi kayaknya lepinya gak support deh jadi gabakal didownload. T_T

    berharap di upload juga yg 720p UHD. GoPaheTeam!!!

  22. Alah alah alah… masi nggak bisa lawan PSA. Boo!

  23. Ah, our ‘jakun’ 3rd world folks whining about 10bit hevc hdr. Please remain to download the encode of x264 or regular x265 (if you have the decoding power).

  24. Please add 720p UHD for this, Thanks.

  25. Ribut aja pasal HDR itu ini. Filem ini sememangnya deserve for HDR10, lagi2 Dolby Vision. Sinematografinya bening sekali. Sapa yang punya monitor HDR nikmati puas2. Macam ane pake TV LG yang bisa upscale 2K to 4K.

  26. This should be interesting, and since my smartphone has a 2560×1440 OLED display panel this movie should look awesome at “native” resolution.

    I hope you folks at Pahe decide to release more movies at 1440p resolution – more people have that on their smartphones than 4K anyway, and it’s slightly smaller in terms of file size too.


  27. Also: my smartphone has a 10-bit HDR capable display with Dolby Vision support too so yeah, this 10-bit HDR release will look awesome on it.

    If you’re on a PC of some kind, using MADVR is highly recommended along with whatever media player you use, MPC-HC is recommended for that too.

  28. trailernya gak jelas.. cuma review, nyeloteh mulu, kagak ada adegan filmnya.. wkwkwkwk….

  29. Omai Wa Shinderu

    after doing some research i learned something new, if you dont want use madvr you can also just increase saturation to the max in mpc hc setting for hdr or non hdr content.any video will be like hdr, haha. give it a try.tell me if im wrong.

  30. What? You never played Tuber Simulator? Pfffttt

  31. Kira kira ini bisa di putar di tv LED gak ya ?

  32. Continue this kind of encoding for a movie who deserves this such quality

  33. Lah kirain bakal ada 720p x265 … padahal saya penikmat 720p x265 nya Pahe Team.
    kalo ada 720p x265 autodownload biarpun filmnya gtw seru atau kagak yang penting download 720p x265 dulu setelah tonton kalo seru ya simpan kalo gak seru ya langsung hapus wkwkwk

  34. Let’s wait for Endgame Bluray and experiment with 2160p

  35. Sukron Hidayatullah

    Saya sudah test film ini di laptop saya dengan layar 1080p IPS, HDR nya work.
    Mantap lah 😀

  36. First of all, i love this site. and i cant live without it. please upload more movie in 1080p and UHD.

    anyways, i appreciated your hardwork!

  37. Test using Core 2 Duo 2,4GHz and Nvidia GT220 512Mb, belive it hardware from 2010’s still playable and run smooth with CPU resource 70-90 %
    Good job pahe, iam from South Montain (east D.I.Y) 😀

  38. 1080p uhd plisssss…..

  39. the quality is not really convincing even though you can achieve much efficiency in 10bit HDR. a lot of artifact left. however what do you expect from a 2.5 GB encode?

  40. Please 1080p UHD…!!!

  41. 1080p please???

  42. Minta yang 1080p dong please

  43. Please re-upload to Mega. Thanks.

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