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Ford v Ferrari (2019) BluRay 480p, 720p, & 1080p

Ford v Ferrari (2019)

152 min|Action, Biography, Drama, Sport|15 Nov 2019
8.1Rating: 8.1 / 10 from 176,884 usersMetascore: 81
American car designer Carroll Shelby and driver Ken Miles battle corporate interference and the laws of physics to build a revolutionary race car for Ford in order to defeat Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966.

File ...........: .mkv
Source .........: 1080p.BluRay.x264-AAA
Video ..........: AVC | 1280x536 1 132 Kbps
Audio ..........: 2CH AAC English
Runtime ........: 2h 32mn
Subtitles ......: English softcoded
Chapter ........: Numbered
Subscene Link ..: Here
Screenshot .....: View
Trailer ........: Watch

480p x264 550 MB
720p x264 1.29 GB
720p x265 HEVC 999 MB
1080p x264 6CH 3.14 GB
UTB GD LU MG RCT MediaInfo  


  1. Sepertinya ini dvd scrnya watchable ya,? soalnya gak kaya Knives Out kemarin, harus dikasih sample.. Kalau oke tinggal gas wkwk

  2. mantap, lebih bagus & jernih DVDscr Ford v Ferarri 720p daripada DVDscr Knives Out 720p

  3. min bisa minta sample filmnya

  4. blu-ray release is a month away, better wait to watch this top 250

  5. Knives Out ‘s has left the chat.

  6. Pengagum Rahasia-mu

    looks like a WEB-DL to me

  7. dvdscr rasa web dl

  8. Any ideas why more and more often I cannot download from here? Always use GD links. Get past the first 2 pages (I’m Not a Robot etc) to the 3rd page where Download appears. Usually at this point after clicking Download I get the 4th page with the blue continue button. But today and previously, the Download button doesn’t work? You cannot click on it?

    • click the upper surface of button and/or disable the adblock


    • try >right click>open in new tab

    • using a adblock i see?

    • sometimes you have to click on the generate link button the second time if the first time didn’t work. you have to go to the top of the page click on the generate link again, you will be sent to the download button again but you have to click on the upper surface as stated before(hover the pointer on the download button as long as you don’t get somewere to click i.e. pointer changes to a finger).

    • yeah … why do i have to go through hell every time i download something ? i love pahe i used to download 4-5 movies a day here but now it’s so annoying .

  9. Thanks pahe.

    720p x264 Mega Link is for Zombieland.Double.Tap.2019.720p.BluRay.x264.800MB-Pahe

  10. hey admin just a question here i hve seen ur torrent files before why don’t u upload the movies in torrent now?

  11. Kok pilm bagus pd keluar DVDScr kenapa kang?

  12. jaman skrg langsung dvdscr. dlu hdrip pun masih hardcoded. btw dvdscr itu ambil source drmana? bisa mayan bening

  13. Min nanti 1 Januari 2020 ada Aruna dan Lidahnya sama Posesif. Upload ya plisss.

  14. Brother, can you please update link for subtitles?

  15. Min kira² maleficent 2 kapan di upload?

  16. Ayo Maleficent mistress of evil pls, web dl

  17. For me 1080p looks like BluRay versi EVO ?
    Almost sih.
    Thanks mas pahe~

  18. min blum ada subtitle nya?

  19. Subtitle nya gak ada yg beres…
    Malas lah nontonnya

  20. Dear admin,
    You are ruining “Pahe.in” by uploading dvdscr versions. We are here for HD versions, please stick to those. Stop uploading dvdscr, we can easily get them from torrenting sites.

    Pahe is a brand, don’t spoil it. Hope you understand. You are doing great work, keep it up.


  21. Go go go admin


    Sekalian yg ini

  22. Mantap, mantap, petromak!~~

  23. Cristian Bale bagus banget disini
    sayang gak masuk nominasi Oscar


  24. Thank you for the 1080p BluRay!

  25. 720p x265 GD file nya masih DVDSCR bukan BLURAY.tolong di fix min.

  26. Ford v Ferrari, 7000RPM/10

  27. Boboiboy the movie 2 nggak ada min?

  28. Wiro Sableng 212 the movie belum ada ya min?

  29. versi 1080p x265 ada tak

  30. pake GD selalu putus di 80-90% kenapa ya ? apa internet gw bermasalah

  31. FGT and EPSiLON 1080p REMUX Source are out. Please add 1080p 10bit.

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