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How to Download

Step by step how to download:

Step 1 - On Pahe.in

Step 1 - On Pahe.in

Step 2 - On Sweetlantern/Intercelestial

Step 2 - On Sweetlantern/Intercelestial


Step 3 - Still on Sweetlantern/Intercelestial

Step 3 - Still on Sweetlantern/Intercelestial


Step 4 - On Spacetica

Step 4 - On Spacetica


You're done!

You're done!




  1. This is the good way to downoad some film

  2. Sorry but this doesn’t work 🙁
    (using JDownloader)

    • BayHarborButcher

      Get the download link first before adding links to jdownloader
      For example uptobox, indoshares or mega

  3. *For people who use MEGA links to download files*


    • what’s your deal? didn’t you post this twice already?

    • Can’t you read? -Updated Information.

      Attention BayHarborButcher admin, could you please delete my previous comments from July to avoid any confusion.

    • that’s a lot of effort and care put into something you wont benefit from. maybe doing this is just something that makes you feel special and recognized. anyone with a vpn wouldn’t have to do all of that

    • I had a feeling it was you. Sounds like you need that diaper changed again loser. Are you obsessed with me, or do you just troll people on every site you go to. Not everyone hides behind a vpn, so I actually do benefit from this. Might seem hard for you, but for people who know what they’re doing, it’s really easy and only takes a few seconds. I enjoy providing useful information, and I love the fact that it still annoys you so much lol. Have fun trolling people “ryu” 😉

    • you had a feeling it was who? guy idk what you’re talking about and i dont troll anybody. ive only seen you commenting on this site. i just dont get why care so much if people download that program or not. one would think you work for megadownloader with how badly you want people to use that. a vpn is necessary to hide what you download from your isp, since they monitor everything you download on the internet. it’s not about “hiding behind a vpn”, its about being smart and careful. why so paranoid? your reply to me makes it seem like you get around a lot and no one likes you.

    • thanks..it.helps.a.lot

    • *Attention BayHarborButcher or any other Pahe admins.

      Unfortunately the method above no longer works. If i find another way to bypass the Mega 5GB download limit, i will leave another comment here on how to do it. It was fun while it lasted though, i downloaded heaps of stuff hehe. Could you please delete this comment, and the other comments from August to avoid any confusion. Thanks.

  4. thanks this works

  5. uptobox dosnt work

  6. Hi Kei,
    in season 1 episode order is totally mixed up and wrong. and most of the episodes are not watchable.not only episode 4. Could you guys please consider re-doing this please? I love this series and I cant find this anywhere else.

    Also, a suggestion – if you encode using x265/HEVC instead of x264/AVC you can give better quality in lesser size. please consider this

  7. Your Google Drive account was limited, please login with another Google account.
    The account will be returned to normal after 24 hours. Why am I getting this error code on my gmail account?

    • Cause you dl’d too much on it in one day. Just use another account. It’s free to make another one and you can just keep on doing it.

  8. pls remove the drive.pahe google drive link.. it really kills the mood when youre watching and end with cliffhanger and then downloading from gdrive say please login with another account, so we have to create many dummy google account to download here?

    • you don’t need to create new account. Just remove the files in your drive (and empty trash bin) after downloading the files.

  9. Cara menampilkan link download di http://intercelestial.com, bagaimana?

  10. Cara menampilkan link download di http://intercelestial.com, bagaimana gan??

  11. g ada panduan Cara menampilkan link download di http://intercelestial.com gan??

  12. I am trying to make a request, how i do that?

  13. *How to reset/bypass the 5GB Mega download limit (without a Mega account or VPN)*

    If you have access to your modem – switch it off for 30 seconds and then switch it back on.
    Wait for internet reconnection (green lights) before resuming any downloads.
    If you’re able to log in to your modem – use reboot/restart option in your modem settings.
    Wait for internet reconnection (green lights) before resuming any downloads.

    This works with MegaDownloader and JDownloader. You can download from here:
    MegaDownloader v1.7 – http://uptobox.com/xy6dft1pune2
    JDownloader v2.0 – http://uptobox.com/k39g9sxhbd9l

    Note: This might not work for everyone, it depends on what type of IP address you have.

    Still working as of 08/01/18 – http://bit.ly/2D7l2WD

  14. min… request dong .. Samsara (2011) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0770802/

  15. I’m trying to dowload season 5 of The Americans. After clicking the “generate link” button in Intercelestial, I click the “download” button but instead of giving me a Mega link, it takes me to http://spacetica.com/HH3Lf and asks for a password.

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