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How to Download

Step by step how to download:

Step 1 - On Pahe.in

Step 1 - On Pahe.in

Step 2 - On Sweetlantern/Intercelestial

Step 2 - On Sweetlantern/Intercelestial


Step 3 - Still on Sweetlantern/Intercelestial

Step 3 - Still on Sweetlantern/Intercelestial


Step 4 - On Spacetica

Step 4 - On Spacetica


You're done!

You're done!




  1. Step 3 nya gak bisa pak… Help…

  2. Step terakhir gimana gan

  3. In step 3 I can not click download :/

  4. On lonelymoon.net site, i don’t find the “continue” button. For example: https://lonelymoon.net/disciplines-bioastronomy-introduction-part-ii/

  5. movies pls

  6. How to download from Mediainfo link??

  7. What does UTB stands for,I know MG stands for MEGA

  8. Pak min kalau sudah penuh klop gimana hapusnya

  9. Okay tried a million times to show my numb friend. he open adverts like hell he can’t recognize the difference in the address bar to avoid em loading, how can I help him?

  10. How to get the link to download movie?
    Plz help!

  11. nanya min klo code 401 invalid credential gimana solusinya ya? trims 🙂

  12. why i can’t pass the “sembunyi.in”

  13. Password buat download filmnya apa gan ??

  14. it’s easier when i downloaded with UTB 🙂 thank you

  15. On spacetica , password is asking! What to do??

  16. wtf man it easy like login to pornh*b

  17. Ini cara download per packs nya gimana?:”( bisa ga ya?

  18. admin, i dont get it. before this. everything were good. then yesterday i wanna download something. i was stuck at spacetica. it need my password. i dont get it. password of what? before entered pahe.in. theres no sign up or log in. so what password it is?

    • every movie have different password, and the password is listed either below the download button or info box. Find it.

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