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How to Download from Google Drive Links

This new method required you to sign up in order to use our Google Drive links. The sign up only takes a minute. If you worried about your Google account security/privacy just create fake account for downloading purpose.

  • Step 1.
  • Register on https://drive.klop.me/signup.php


  • Step 2
  • In the sign up page, you will required to put access code to copy the file you want to download into your drive, click ‘get code’.


  • Step 3
  • Allow the permissions


  • Step 4
  • Copy the unique code and paste into previous tab, select ‘confirm’.


  • Step 4
  • Create a new password, and you shall able to download from Googledrive links again


  • Tips:
  • – Do not multiple Google account login on your browser, use only 1 account (which linked into Klop) to avoid error
    – If you wish to multiple login make sure your default account on your browser is linked into Klop, otherwise you will get 403 error/unauthorized page
    – If you still get 403 error/unauthorized page even after you set Google default account or use 1 account only, try clearing out your Google Drive on https://drive.google.com/drive/my-drive

    We know this method looks complicated or hard compared to previous method, but this is the best method we can offer. Thank you for understanding.

    Comment below if you still have issue, you can use English or Indonesian.


    1. min… ane download pakai Chromium Browser lanjay.. nanti ada opsi advanced lalu pilih tetap lanjutkan..

      btw ane pakai pc dengan os linux(zorin os)

    2. I tried the following steps with the latest Firefox but the Google sign-in isn’t working as yet.

    3. Bay Harbour Butcher U r the BEST Person Alive

    4. Thanks for the brilliant solution.
      For those who want to download directly without installing any extensions you can use Vivaldi Browser.
      It works fine.

      • How? I just installed vivaldi and it still asks for a log-in!

        can you tell me what you did?

      • @adam you have to log in in order to download
        If you’re not sure about the security or privacy just create fake Google account for downloading purpose

    5. damn thanks bro , download witthout google drive is slow , and your the solution , Haha thanks 😀

    6. Kalo di Mac gin carax ya? sdh download Firefox tapi g ada pilhan2 menu sprit SS di atas

    7. since the google drive link is not working i request you to upload the openload link in 720p..

    8. This solution is not working.
      Firefox ESR 52.9.0 (32-bit) and Chrome 49.0.2623.112 Windows XP Pro SP3

    9. If some one wishes to be updated with most recent technologies
      then he must be go to see this site and be up to date everyday.

    10. di halaman “your download has been processed”
      link “direct download” dibawahnya kl dilik new tab ke blank page, kenapa ya
      btw mo screen shot g tau cara uploadnya

    11. oh gitu, jadi nunggu aja yang skycrapper di upload ama adminnya

    12. abis di klik direct download
      Access to doc-14-7c-docs.googleusercontent.com was denied
      You don’t have authorization to view this page.
      HTTP ERROR 403

    13. ga bisa min, udah daftar, udah login, udah ngikutin tutor ttp g bisa, tadinya pengen download deadpool, oiya udah nyoba download link yg 78182 hasilnya juga ttp sama

      • log out all your google account which isn’t related into klop me and try again
        Or you can use incognito mode, or use other browser and only login 1 google account on that browser

    14. min mau nanya, knp gdnya udh berubah dan gk kyk dlu lgi? apaudh gk bisa kembali ke semula??

      • ga bisa kembali seperti dulu
        akses ke googledrivenya diblokir terus oleh Google

      • ohh gitu, klo gitu saran min, link downloadnya di tambahin lgi aja, solidfile.. krna solidfile lbh gmpang trus cpt.. jdi klo ada yg blm ngerti make google klop, bisa make solidfile dlu

    15. udah daftar, tapi eror 403 gak punya autorisasi pas download

    16. min kok pas mau daftar di klop.me pas dipaste kodenya trus confirm, malah invalid code terus ya…?udah coba dari lepi atau hp, chrome opera firefox sama aja😭

    17. buat yang punya lebih dari 1 akun gdrive dan gamau logout dari akun2 tsb bisa coba solusi berikut:

      kalau udah signup di klop dan udah sampe ke page error 403, buka gdrive (drive.google.com) dan pilih akun google yang dipakai buat signup di klop. pasti file nya udah ada disitu, cuma perlu klik kanan dan klik “get shareable link” nah abis itu ga akan kena error 403 lagi walaupun bukanya pake akun google lain yang ter-login di browser kalian.. semoga membantu (daripada mesti logout kali aja ada yang lupa password dsb)

      intinya sih ketika pake klop, link yang akan kita download itu jadi private link, makanya cuma bisa didownload dengan akun yang dipake buat signup di klop..

    18. The “Sign in with Google” feature has been temporarily disabled for this app
      This app has not been validated by Google yet and can not benefit from the Google Sign-In feature.
      it works for some files but others lead me to https://klop.me/ (without drive.klop) and can’t login 🙁

    19. thank you very much for the help you have given ill report

    20. min tiap mau klik download https://pahe.in/toilet-ek-prem-katha-2017-bluray-480p-720p/ dari google drivenya muncul pesan “Access to doc-00-cc-docs.googleusercontent.com was denied” mulu min. thanks.

    21. (deadpool 2) Abis klik download langsung blank, file2 yg lain padahal bisa. gimana solusi stah?

    22. While we shared the movie file in our GD account but it’s denied to download while we started to download it show Access denied doc-02-01-docs … something is showing can u please make it as soon as possible for TAG movie

    23. Mantap Pahe.in Team masih berusaha supaya pengunjungnya bisa pake gdrive. Ane sih fine pake Android.

    24. Eror 401….
      How to fix this? Thanks

    25. tried to follow the steps, but still cant download from klop.me

    26. Very soon this site will be famous amid all blog users,
      due to it’s good articles or reviews

    27. Whenever I try to click download its appears blank page ….when I check in drive link …
      .it shows your access is denied …this service is meant to be private ….

      • clear you drive and its rubbish bin and make sure you only log in on 1 google account on your browser

    28. Udah ikut tutor diatas masih aja gak bisa, dibuat video aja gan biar lebih jelas jadi tau nanti salah dimananya…

    29. It wont downloaded. I push download button in klop and then new window pop up and nothing happend

    30. mantap om ibra dah berhasil thanks om

    31. Totally true
      When you want to download via klop (google drive), MAKE SURE that you just log in in ONE GMAIL ACCOUNT. It can’t be downloaded when you log in in multiply gmail account in a same time on your browser.
      Thank’s admin for the sharing that all information.


    32. Min Saya anak warnet min
      kalo sabtu minggu download movie
      kalo download GD dulu lanjay,tapi GD yang ini kok slow banget min,mohon penceraahan

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