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How to Download from Google Drive Links

Old Way

Old Way

This new method required you to sign up in order to use our Google Drive links. The sign up only takes a minute. If you worried about your Google account security/privacy just create fake account for downloading purpose.

  • Step 1.
  • Register on https://drive.klop.me/signup.php


  • Step 2
  • In the sign up page, you will required to put access code to copy the file you want to download into your drive, click ‘get code’.


  • Step 3
  • Allow the permissions


  • Step 4
  • Copy the unique code and paste into previous tab, select ‘confirm’.


  • Step 4
  • Create a new password, and you shall able to download from Googledrive links again


  • Tips:
  • – Do not multiple Google account login on your browser, use only 1 account (which linked into Klop) to avoid error
    – If you wish to multiple login make sure your default account on your browser is linked into Klop, otherwise you will get 403 error/unauthorized page
    – If you still get 403 error/unauthorized page even after you set Google default account or use 1 account only, try clearing out your Google Drive on https://drive.google.com/drive/my-drive

    We know this method looks complicated or hard compared to previous method, but this is the best method we can offer. Thank you for understanding.

    Comment below if you still have issue, you can use English or Indonesian.


    1. 401 – invalid credentials error
      did everything I could???

    2. cara bikin password baru nya gimana sihh min??

    3. cara bikin password nya gimana sihh min??

    4. very good informing n easy to understand

    5. Tried your steps but only get 401 now. Worked when it was first tried weeks ago but nothing now ! It’s unfortunate as this was a good site before the Google problems.

    6. can somebody confirm is pahe.in blocked for bsnl isp in india?

    7. i done this but when i press sign in to download it just blank

    8. 401 – invalid credentials error saya mohon admin tersayang segera diperbaiki link nya percuma saya bikin akun lagi di google shref pas mau download please fix it….

    9. “403-The User’s drive quota has exceeded.” I am getting this message. What to do?

      • clear up your google drive account
        make sure you have free space left to let the files copied into your account

    10. Gan gmna cara mengatasi problem 401. Dr dlu dak ada masalah baru kmren dak bisa download lg lewat GD. Mohon petunjuk

    11. Okee makasih gan

    12. gan, cara hapus file2 yg ada di Klop gimana yah? udah penuh 15 GB nih…ngga bisa download apa2 lg…kena max. file exceed…

    13. hebat banget klop nya sampe sampe blank saat klik login,

    14. Klop sign-in/code verification page has been changed and doesn’t seem to work anymore. The page just keeps going blank after code is verified. Odd, as it has worked fine up until now. I hope this is just a temporary glitch.

    15. google temporarily blocked this app.

    16. Solved the problem using agent switcher using Vivaldi user agent.

    17. nothing is downloading on klop now but it worked for long time till now. when i hit the download button it opens a new tab named about:blank and nothing is downloading as usual . please help!!!

    18. Error 524 ! A timeout occured , pls help!!

    19. gan error 508 resource limit is reached, iki pie?

    20. Min gimana nih muncul “The user’s Drive storage quota has been exceeded”
      Apakah harus berbayar yah pakai klop ini??
      Masa iya batas downloadnya cuman 15gb???
      Minta solusinya min…tks

      i emptied my gdrive account. what now?

    22. min gimana kalau sudah di copy link code nya setelh di paste dan di confirm muncul tulisan “Shorten your google drive link and share it with your frends!” aku kudu piye minnn???

    23. Uda make akun yang sama tapi tetep error. Kok aneh ya?

    24. connection timed out terus gan, gimana ini?

    25. no longer working. Google has caught up with you. give us another option. klop is now forgotten

    26. i am getting this error message when trying to download

      This website has exceeded its resource limit and is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.

      please fix

      • all links are like this.. When I downloaded from google worked fine and now all links give me this error message

        This website has exceeded its resource limit and is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.

    27. KLPOP asks too much. why the fuck would I allow it to edit and delete my drive data. Leavin your site untill you solve this issue. ill ask others not to use tour site unless you resolve it.

      • BayHarborButcher

        This is not issue nor something to solve.
        In order to make it works Klop need all those permission
        – Edit and adding data: all movies you get from Klop will be added into your drive. Here is how Klop works: our files are copied into your drive, and you download the file from your own drive. Why is this needed? So you won’t get ‘download limit has been reached please try again in 24 hours’ message.
        – Delete data: to make you able to delete data directly from Klop, it’s more simple than removing directly from drive.google.com. From time being you use this site, your drive will be filled with the movie you get.

        If you don’t trust Klop, just leave it, use another host or create fake Google account for download purpose

    28. Gan kok pas ane buka gdrive jadinya blank putih gaada apa2 ya? Gdrive ane di hack?

    29. visit motionhdmoviz.com

    30. The size is unknown. And when it’s downloaded it’s only 75kb and can’t be played. Please help.

    31. Min dulu ada tutor cara melewati login aplikasi yg di disabled ama google salah satunya pake uc browser klo yg tutor pke chrome install extensi apa yah?

    32. Everytime i try to get code while trying to sign in with my google account i get this message

      401. That’s an error.

      The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

      please help. I tried deleting my cache and browser cookies but it didn’t work. i tried another browser but no luck.

      Please help.

    33. Please upload FAMILY GUY

    34. it’s just me or all the mega download links doesn’t work at all? i tried on many movies and none of the mega link work, it says “bad request” when i click the download button after generate link, or did something’s wrong? anyways thankyou. I asked in here because there’s no how to download from mega links :<

    35. google drive saya 401invalid credentials ga bisa login, bagaimana ini ? tolong bantu solusi nya

    36. Kalo download dari onedrive tulisan downloadnya ngga keluar, ngatasinya gmn ya gan?

    37. did you erase everything? i cannot download any serial tv now

    38. All movies file doesn’t exist when we downloading though google drive why

    39. Please fix the problem

    40. bang cara download di mediainfo gimana ya?
      btw mau sklian report link Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) Alternate Cut BluRay 1080p udah nggak bisa digunakan, tinggal mediainfo (slexy) tapi aku nggak tau cara download dari mediainfo
      mohon bantuannya bang

    41. i cant download anything

    42. Error 404 File not found. Gimana Min?
      Mohon dikasih solusi…

    43. Min kok pas klik di web ads nya pas yang download pertama bisa, pas download kedua nya gak bisa ? (cuma gambar download doang warna merah, tapi gak ada linknya)

    44. Please upload The Tudors Season 1-4 in google drive. Files was removed

    45. Admin, lonelymoon sepertinya nge-lag, loading terus…
      Tapi di sweetlantern lancar. Ini kenapa?
      Mohon solusi nya…

    46. Cara hapus komen gimana min??

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