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How to Download from Google Drive Links

Old Way

Old Way

This new method required you to sign up in order to use our Google Drive links. The sign up only takes a minute. If you worried about your Google account security/privacy just create fake account for downloading purpose.

  • Step 1.
  • Register on https://drive.klop.me/signup.php


  • Step 2
  • In the sign up page, you will required to put access code to copy the file you want to download into your drive, click ‘get code’.


  • Step 3
  • Allow the permissions


  • Step 4
  • Copy the unique code and paste into previous tab, select ‘confirm’.


  • Step 4
  • Create a new password, and you shall able to download from Googledrive links again


  • Tips:
  • – Do not multiple Google account login on your browser, use only 1 account (which linked into Klop) to avoid error
    – If you wish to multiple login make sure your default account on your browser is linked into Klop, otherwise you will get 403 error/unauthorized page
    – If you still get 403 error/unauthorized page even after you set Google default account or use 1 account only, try clearing out your Google Drive on https://drive.google.com/drive/my-drive

    We know this method looks complicated or hard compared to previous method, but this is the best method we can offer. Thank you for understanding.

    Comment below if you still have issue, you can use English or Indonesian.


    1. why make it so complicated. other tabs appear and i always end up with download of a file called com.tencent something of 9mb no link appears. Also didnt find any help on youtube. This site is useless for me, pity cause the material seems good

    2. Mwngapa saya selalu masuk ke google playstore tiap mendonload film?

    3. bos besar, klop selalu tidak berfungsi ahir ahir ini. 401. invalid credentials. terjadi hampir di semua link gdrive.

    4. the user has exceeded their drive storage quota. MAKSUDNYA???????

    5. Intercelestial and the Sweetlantern always leads to another page of it, but they don’t give another continue button to click? It works perfect before but why it doesn’t works anymore?

    6. To get the files the site drive.klop.me will ask you to sign-in with a code that gives them access to download, edit or delete the files in you google drive.

      Why do they need that?

      Go figure….They probably use rclone to login into your account with the token you gave them so they can copy whatever you have in your google drive

    7. PASS nya apa min?
      download via MEGA

    8. ive logged in ok but i cant get the links to generate at sweetlantern site. any suggestions?

    9. AAAAARRRRGH!!!! ok i am not a dumb person. why is it every time i generate link on sweetlantern. it shows download button but when i click on it, it says bad request and nothing happens.
      why cant i download the link to put in Klop. again, i am signed in just fine with Google. PLEASE HELP!!! even turned off ad block

    10. ga bisa login email, tolong pencerahannya

    11. Sushah amat donlod pake pahe

    12. Sekedar info ajah bisa liat Pidio di LINK inih yg mau tau cara DL di Pahe dot in….


      Jgn lupa TUMB UP yaaa chers

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