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Grounded for Life Season 1-5 Complete NF WEBRip 720p

Grounded for Life (2001–2005)

22 min|Comedy|10 Jan 2001
7.5Rating: 7.5 / 10 from 12,893 usersMetascore: N/A
Thirty-something Irish Catholic couple Sean and Claudia deal with their three children as well as Sean's judgmental father and his carefree brother.

File ...........: .mkv
Source .........: 1080p.Netflix.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-TrollHD (S1-4)
................: 1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DD2.0.x264-herkz (S5)
Video ..........: AVC | 1280x720 ~950 Kbps
Audio ..........: 2CH AAC English
Runtime ........: ~21mn
Subtitles ......: English Softcoded
Chapter ........: -
Subscene Link ..: Here



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  1. OMG !!! Wow
    i can’t believe my eyes
    Grounded for life here in this amazing quality
    no wonder that you are number one
    you guys are doing many great shows that aren’t available anywhere else
    this and “Malcolm in the middle” and “3rd rock from the sun”
    i loved these shows so much
    Thank you very very much for you time and effort
    since you guys can find the things that nobody can
    the chick from the big bang theory (penny) was in a show called “8 simple rules ”
    8 Simple Rules… for Dating My Teenage Daughter
    this show is hilarious
    i’m so happy 🙂
    Thanks again

    • Give them a WEB DL source then they will encode you – reason is – their source is mainly WEB DL – AMAZON AND NF Rips – these are high in size say 500mb – 1gb each episode

    • @hailanon – Hey I wonder if this is Madhu from MC ? lol, I remember that profile pic of Bruce Lee.

  2. Thanks for this!!!

    S01E13 audio is out of synch just a few seconds.

  3. Awesome! You are fu#%ing awesome Pahe!! I really wasn’t expecting to see this up already, I only requested it 2 weeks ago. I knew that you would do it, but not that bloody quick, you guys are incredible! Now I can finally replace the old dvd rips with these new 720p’s. Never thought I’d get to see this show in hd, but thanks to Pahe, now I will hehe.

    Thanks so much for doing this show! and for Shades of Blue S01-S02.
    Also, Thanks for all these movies too! – http://bit.ly/2IbeatA

    All of your work is very much appreciated. Best site on the internet.
    Cheers to you Pahe! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • WTF, Dude “The Dude”, never thought i would meet you here. How are you, its really nice to see you here obviously your choice of movies is impeccable. Again i thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the link of http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113028/. i go by the name hailanon at chatango, if you are interested i would like to have a good decent chat with you. i am actually thrilled to see you here :D, this is really a nice place to be especially with all those old movies. i so wish you were a girl man, you have a very good taste in movies :P.

    • No worries Madhu, happy to help whenever i can. I think this was the link i referred you to – http://bit.ly/2iqIg1k There’s a better source now – Far.from.Home.The.Adventures.of.Yellow.Dog.1995.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-ABM – http://bit.ly/2p4IkWK
      Ask Pahe to encode it for you, they will do it if they can get the source. They will probably do it even if they just read this comment haha.

      I’m still gonna call you Madhu because it feels weird calling you hailanon now lol. But yeah this site is the best out there. I still download from MC, but unfortunately they mainly just do new releases now. You can’t beat older movies, and here at Pahe they constantly upload older movies. They upload new releases too, the ones that actually deserve an encode. Oh and how could i forget… The amount of tv series that Pahe uploads is absolutely incredible. I’ve never seen ANY release group post so many complete tv series. They’ve already done heaps of my requests, like this show Grounded for Life. Requested it about 2 weeks ago, posted already! They are the Gods of tv series packages.

      I might start using Chatango soon, rather than leaving gigantic comments like this one haha (I’ve had a few drinks and i tend to babble on a bit when I’m drunk, can you notice? lol). I don’t comment as much as i used to, i download stuff in big batches now. I’m not sure if you use Mega links to download, but i can assure you it’s the best way to download, especially for complete season packs. I download movies in bulk now too. Every few days i just load up MegaDownloader with a heap of links, after downloads complete i copy the whole lot over to my portable drives – done. Downloading has never been so easy. My collection has grown so much since using Pahe, and it just keeps getting bigger each week.

      Anyways, i think i might go now… I’ve wrote a short novel here as a comment, time for another drink or two, or ten haha. If i start using Chatango i will keep a lookout for you as hailanon. Have a great weekend mate, and anyone else who reads this story lol. Cheers! 🙂

    • Thanks for the link :D, i am using Google Drive, dude have you seen the movie https://pahe.in/the-doctor-1991-web-hd-480p-720p/ its actually good, damn i miss those old vibe these movies create, you just miss those good old days, anyways i recently started watching MY WIFE AND KIDS, MY BROTHER AND ME, DAY BREAK – I did watch the entire series of LAST MAN STANDING – not missed a single episode of it – Could you please tell me where i can find HOME IMPROVEMENT WEBDL – not the DVDRIP as it is in 496×368 resolution, it was released on hulu and i would like to get my hands on this awesome series and also any idea about SMALL WONDER, DOOGIE HOWSER M.D – I have the entire series of WONDER YEARS – SAINTS DVDRIP re encode- ping me mate also give this user a try https://1337x.st/user/g01ngf0rward/

  4. Great work. This is a nice surprise. Thank you. Please also do Still Standing (2002) and Fairly Legal (2011).

  5. Many many thanks for this! Amazing job.
    I only had a crappy TVrip version and have no time (and HDD space) to grab 1080p or true 720p rips.

  6. btw I’ve managed to fix the out-of-sync problem in S01E13.
    the OP can email me any time. 😉

  7. so funny i just loved the way they filmed it great camera work


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