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Give details about the error, what resolution and what links.

Link: http://pahe.in/cabin-fever-2016-web-dl-480p-720p/
Info: UTB 720p down

Link: https://pahe.in/breaking-bad-season-1-5-bluray-480p-720p/
Info: UTB 480p S2 down

Make sure you put the resolution and FILE HOSTING that need for reupload.
Any kind of report like “plz all link” will not be processed.

Repeating the comment will also lead to us to skip your report.


  1. Link: https://pahe.me/the-theory-of-everything-2014-bluray-480p-720p/

    Info: MG 720p link has empty folder (0 bytes file)

  2. https://pahe.me/the-purge-season-1-web-hd/
    Mega link for WEB-HD 480p x264 is down min. Thank you

  3. https://pahe.me/donnie-darko-2001/

    Info : GD 1080p “404 file not found” after I click “Generate Download Link”… I try from 2 days ago until this day the result its same

    Info : MG 1080p down

    I hope you can fix it… Thankyou… 😀

  4. i can’t seach subtltle in indonesian

  5. Hey Pahe team. I’m hoping you can help me with some dead Mega links. I have a list of Pahe movie downloads with heaps of Mega links saved in a text document. I was able to download most of them, but some of the links are dead. The thing is, i only saved the direct Mega link, not the actual webpage link of the movie. So now i can’t figure out what all the dead links are.

    I was wondering if there is any way that you could find out what these movies are, and a reupload of each movie with a new Mega link would be greatly appreciated. If you can’t reupload, it would still be great if you could find out what each movie is. Just the title of each movie would be really helpful.

    Here’s the list of dead Mega links: https://pastebin.com/raw/DQqSzgve

    Sorry for such a big list. Any help on this would be appreciated, but no worries if you can’t do anything with it.
    I’ll check back soon for any replies or updates. Thanks and Cheers Pahe !!!

    • We wouldn’t able to do that. Only can be happens when you mention movie name and its resolution/codec

    • Safer way: create a mega account and import everything you want to download to your drive instead of saving links

    • That’s okay. I didn’t think there was any way to find out what the links were, just thought i’d ask before i delete the links.
      Thanks for the quick reply. Keep up the great work. Have a good one

  6. https://pahe.me/the-mandalorian-season-1-web-dl/

    Mega 480p Episodes 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8, as well as batch all removed for Tos violations.

  7. all use drive.klop is not active

  8. https://pahe.me/asura-the-city-of-madness-2016-bluray-480p-720p/

    BluRay 720p x264 1.0 GB UTB, IDS, GD, MEGA. ALL LINK IS DEAD


    BluRay 720p x264 999 MB GD, UTB, MEGA. ALL LINK IS DEAD

  9. Prison break season 1 drive link for part2
    File does not exist

  10. https://pahe.in/band-of-brothers-complete/
    Info: Gd 720p link works perfeclty, tapi saya selalu gagal mendonload di saat2 akhir. Jika bisa tolong di sajikan per episode. Mengingat part1 untk film ini cukup besar (2.9gb)
    Btw saya gagal trus donlot filenya. Walaupun udh nyomot dari gdrive saya sendiri.

  11. https://pahe.me/on-deadly-ground-1994-web-hd-480p-720p/ On Deadly Ground (1994) -mg links have been removed videos taken down

  12. Nothing but trouble with site since last night. I can’t get to Megadownload… just circles of ads atop ads… THIS IS INSANE!!!

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