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September, 2019

  • 15 September

    Planet Sheen Season 1-2 Complete WEB-DL 720p

    Sheen Estevez, our protagonist, despite a warning from his friend Jimmy Neutron about a button on his ship presses it to see what happens. He finds himself on another planet. No humans... The planet is ruled by "The Emperor". Sheen is pursued by Dorkis, our adorable clueless bad guy, who has intentions of capturing our protagonist. Sheen is accompanied by Nesmith, a talking talking chimpanzee who has also found himself marooned upon this planet.

  • 13 September

    SpongeBob SquarePants Season 1-12 Complete WEB-HD 720p

    The misadventures of a talking sea sponge who works at a fast food restaurant, attends a boating school, and lives in an underwater pineapple.

  • 11 September

    Bad Family Season 1 Complete WEB-DL 480p & 720p

    Na Rim (Lee Young Yoo), who came from a wealthy household, lost her family in a car accident when she was nine. After the accident, she suffered from amnesia so her uncle hired Oh Dal Gun (Kim Myung Min), an ex-ganster, to recreate a similar household with parents, sister, brother, grandparents and uncle in hopes that she would regain her memory.

  • 8 September

    Hotel del Luna Season 1 Complete WEB-DL 480p & 720p

    Jang Man Wol is the CEO of Hotel del Luna. The hotel is situated in downtown in Seoul and has a very old appearance. She made a big error many years ago and, because of this, she has been stuck at Hotel del Luna. She is beautiful, but she is fickle, suspicious and greedy.

  • 6 September

    Level Up Season 1 Complete WEB-DL 480p & 720p

    Ahn Dan Te is the ace director of Yoo Seong CRC, a company specializing in restructuring. He is a true “cold city man” of this era with a poker face that doesn’t express emotions, perfect workmanship, and cold-blooded harshness.

  • 6 September

    That Man Oh Soo Season 1 Complete WEB-DL 480p & 720p

    Oh Soo is an IT company technician who belongs to a family which takes care of a magical tree. Reluctantly he takes care of his family cafe as well as he is the future guardian of the tree. Oh Soo can detect people's unseen emotions and uses his magical tree's pollen to make people fall in love. However, he himself has a lonely heart and has no love life.

  • 6 September

    Love Alarm Season 1 Complete NF WEB-DL 480p & 720p

    Cellphone app Joalarm is created. If someone likes you and they are within 10 meters of you, the alarm for the app rings. The app also shows how many people like you, but the app doesn't reveal specific details on who likes you. Kim Jo Jo is a high school student. She is pretty and smart. She seems like a cheerful person, but her parents died when she was young. Since the death of her parents, Kim Jo Jo has lived with aunt's family.

  • 2 September

    Infinity Train Season 1 Complete WEB-DL 720p

    12-year-old Tulip finds herself on a mysterious train with an endless number of cars, each one its own universe, and must find a way to get home.

  • 1 September

    Jean-Claude Van Johnson Season 1 Complete WEB-HD 720p

    Stars global martial arts & actor Jean-Claude Van Damme playing "Jean-Claude Van Damme", a global martial arts & film sensation, also operating under the simple alias of "Johnson" as the world's best undercover private contractor. Retired for years, a chance encounter with a lost love brings him back to the game. This time, he'll be deadlier than ever. Probably.

  • 1 September

    Claws Season 1-3 Complete WEB-HD 720p

    A look at the life and crimes of five women who work at a Florida nail salon.

August, 2019

  • 31 August

    Downward Dog Season 1 Complete WEB-DL 720p

    A lonely dog navigates the complexity of 21st century relationships.

  • 31 August

    My First First Love Season 1-2 Complete NF WEB-DL 480p & 720p

    Due to various personal reasons, a group of Yoon Tae-oh's friends moves into his house, where they experience love, friendship, and everything in between. The five friends are Tae Oh, Song Yi, Do Hyun, Ga-Rin and Hoon. Tae Oh and Song Yi have been friends since they were very little. Do Hyun is Tae Oh’s friend. Song Yi and Do Hyun have feelings for each other.

  • 31 August

    Longing Heart Season 1 Complete WEB-DL 480p & 720p

    A man named Shin Woo regrets letting his first love go ten years ago because he didn’t have the courage to confess. However, he gets the chance to win her again when he travels back in time, and this time he’s armed with the knowledge that she liked him back then too. He tries to help his younger self to win her heart but unfortunately, he turns out to be a competitor to himself as the girl starts to crush on older Shin Woo .

  • 31 August

    Liv and Maddie Season 1-4 Complete WEB-DL 720p

    Follows Liv, a popular television star whose show has just finished its run, and Maddie, an outstanding student and school basketball star whose popularity is on the rise, until Liv makes a return to their high school.

  • 31 August

    The Lion Guard Season 1-2 Complete WEB-DL 720p

    Kion, the son of Simba, leads his friends known as the Lion Guard to protect the Pride Lands.

  • 24 August

    Red Band Society Season 1 Complete WEB-DL 720p

    A group of teenagers live together as patients at a hospital's pediatric ward and learn how to deal with their illnesses, the experiences that they have, and the people that they meet.

  • 23 August

    Lovesick Season 1-3 Complete NF WEB-DL 720p

    After finding out he has an STD, Dylan must get back in touch with every girl he has ever had sex with to let them know the bad news.

  • 23 August

    I Love Lee Tae Ri Season 1 Complete WEB-DL 480p & 720p

    "I Love Lee Tae Ri” is a romantic comedy about a 14 year old middle student who suddenly grows up to become a 25 year old man. Hwang Min Soo then becomes an assistant to a plutocrat heiress Lee Tae Ri. There's a pun in the title as Lee Tae-ri (이태리) can be romanized as "Italy".

  • 23 August

    Emergency Couple Season 1 Complete WEB-DL 480p & 720p

    Jin-Hee led a satisfying life as a dietitian. She then met medical school student Chang-Min. Despite his wealthy family's strong opposition, Jin-Hee and Chang-Min decided to get married. Chang-Min's family is full of doctors. Chang-Min though gave up his medical internship and began working as a pharmaceutical salesman.

  • 20 August

    Amphibia Season 1 Complete WEB-HD 720p

    Ordinary Anne Boonchuy, 13, finds a treasure chest that sends her to Amphibia, a world full of frogs, toads, and giant insects. With help from Sprig, she must adjust to life in Amphibia and discover her first true friendship in her life.